Company Profile

Workzone Express (Pty) Ltd is an office supplies company, focusing on an innovative methodology to meet the demands of our clients.

Geared towards customer needs, we have developed a unique cost saving process with significant benefits and savings to reduce the customers spending up to 25%

Traditionally the office supplies industry equipped themselves with a large stock holdings housed in an equally large warehouse with a fleet of delivery vehicles and more than enough staff to operate the business.

Increased Operating costs and rising manufacturing costs force companies out of business in a very short period.

Businesses need to focus on core commodities to allow the business to grow and be profitable.

Workzone Express allows the flexibility to exist by the pure focus on customer needs and to provide a solution to differentiate them from the rest.

We have developed a business to supply the full range of office furniture, ergonomic supplies and equipment, seating and office supplies and stationery by using modern ideas and technology to save up to 25% for our clients.

Our concept is simple and innovative. The saving we have made by streamlining the way of doing business have allows Workzone Express to pass on these savings to the client.

How we operate:

Workzone Express has outsourced stock holding and distribution to a highly technical logistics company. Our stock is delivered from our suppliers to the warehouse; thereafter the stock is scanned and shelved.

We process orders electronically from our sales office to the warehouse and once identified in the system, orders are pulled, packed and delivered.

Cost Savings:

Essentially the savings are so significant to the point that we operate the entire business with a team of four highly experienced staff members with a combined total of 120 years experience in the office supplies industry.